Extreme Face Fucking Whore Tegan on Facial Abuse

Tegan is a 90 lb cutter... and that stems from some really fucked up shit that happened in her past. These days, she's pretty much a train wreck, which is why she's perfect for Facial Abuse. Pauly and David Loso had fun flinging her around, cramming their cocks down her throat. For someone who's had a lot of practice with dick in mouth, she sure was horrible. Maybe her tiny jaw couldn't fit the massive meat of our guys... but it's not for a lack of trying. Once the sex started, she regressed and that's when things got weird. As Pauly drove his cock deep inside her hairless cunt, she started sucking her thumb. We know why... and it's pretty disturbing. Like a good girl, she didn't make noise. She kept nice and quiet. To reward her for being such a good whore, the guys dumped their load all over her face and spoon fed her the jism. She slurped it right up. I wonder where she learned that...

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